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We pride ourselves on carrying a large assortment of tires for passenger vehicles, commercial truck, ATV, construction, farm, lawn and garden, and much more. We stock the hard to find sizes, making it easier for you to serve all of your customers needs.

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Passenger & Light Truck Tires
Bridgestone, Firestone, GT Radial, Hercules Tire, Kumho Tire

Commercial Truck Tires
GT Radial, Hercules Tire, Ironman, Kumho Tire

ATV Tires
Carlisle Tire, GBC Motorsports

Farm Tires
American Farmer, Titan / Goodyear, Greenball

Lawn & Garden, Industrial and Construction
Carlisle Tire, Solideal, Greenball

Limited Warranty

Limited Road Hazard Warranty
Hercules and GT Radial passenger and light truck radial tires, when purchased through a TDW dealer, are covered for normal road hazards such as fabric breaks, punctures and cuts that would render the tire unserviceable through 50% of the original manufacturer’s tread wear standards.

Each road hazard warranty will be prorated on tread wear based on the current retail price plus a $5.00 handling charge for any passenger and p-metric light truck, or $10.00 handling for light truck sizes. Any service charges or applicable taxes are to be paid by the consumer.

Conditions and exclusions: Tires removed from service because of the following conditions are excluded from the road hazard warranty: tires run flat, under-inflated, overloaded, repairable punctures, misuse or abuse, vandalism, fire, wreck, collision, racing or any other non-normal passenger car or light truck application.

Limited Mileage Warranty
Hercules, Ironman and GT Radial tires are covered by a mileage warranty and are warranted to achieve an original tread wear life as indicated when used in non-commercial service and normal paved highway use.

In the event of the tire(s) wear evenly across the tread, down to the tread wear indicators (2/32” remaining tread depth) before reaching the warranted mileage, the tire(s) will be replaced with a comparable TDW tire offering for a pro-rated charge based on mileage received as follows: The consumer must pay for the cost of a replacement tire based on the amount of mileage on the tires returned for adjustment consideration. The authorized TDW dealer will determine the charge by multiplying the percent of mileage received by the dealer’s current retail selling price of the replacement tire.

The cost of mounting, balancing and any other dealer service charges or applicable taxes are the responsibility of the consumer. Any tread wear remaining above 2/32” when warranted will be considered as usable tread when handling a mileage adjustment claim and will be considered as unused mileage in the pro-rated adjustment.

Tires must be rotated for any warranty to be valid. The purpose for rotating tires is to achieve a more uniform wear for all tires on a vehicle. Before rotating your tires, determine the cause of any unusual wear and correct any misalignment, imbalance or other mechanical problems.

Warranty Documentation
Completed warranty form AND original purchase receipt must accompany the tire for any claims.
TDW Road Hazard Warranty Claim Form (pdf)
Hercules Warranty Claim Form (pdf)
GT Radial Warranty Claim Instructions (pdf)

Bridgestone & Firestone Warranty Information
Read More (pdf)

"Buy & Try" 30-Day Guarantee
All Bridgestone and Firestone brand passenger and light truck tires sold in sets of 4 or more, through an authorized retailer are covered by the Buy & Try 30 Day Guarantee. Read More

Platinum Pact / Gold Pledge Limited Warranty
All Bridgestone / Firestone brand passenger and light truck tires will be replaced with an equivalent new tire either free of charge or for a pro-rated amount if the tire becomes unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control. Read More

Kumho Tire Warranty Information Read More (pdf)

Product Bulletin
As of May 15, 2012, Kumho Tire U.S.A., Inc. has added the following amendment to their limited Treat Wear Warranty for all applicable tread patterns:

"For staggered/split fitments (different size tires on the front and rear axles), Kumho Tire will cover half the number of miles of the standard mileage warranty since these tires cannot be rotated as recommended by Kumho"

Register Tires

The purpose of tire registration is to enable tire manufacturers to contact consumers directly in the event of a safety-related recall. While constantly evolving tire engineering and manufacturing methods make tire recalls less and less likely, it is still important for consumers to register their tires as a precaution.

Current government regulations call for consumers to register their tires with the tire manufacturer or a designated tire registration center. The consumer’s personal information can only be used for recall purposes and the only cost is the price of postcard postage to mail the tire registration form.

Tire retailers are required to provide a mailable, pre-addressed tire registration form at the time of delivery and/or installation. The tire retailer is responsible for filling in their name and address, along with the tire brand name and Department of Transportation (DOT) Tire Identification Codes (commonly referred to as serial numbers) for each tire purchased.

The consumer is then responsible for completing the form by filling in their name and address, affixing postage and mailing the tire registration form. Consumers that choose not to send in their registration form will not be notified directly by the manufacturer in the event of a safety-related tire recall.

If you have previously purchased tires that were not registered, they can still be registered by contacting your tire retailer and requesting a registration form.

This process can also be completed the tire manufacturers websites as listed below.

GT Radial


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From time to time, our manufacturer's will pass on extra savings in the form of rebates or gifts with purchase. Any available rebates will be listed here.

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